Chris & Hillary Oaks~5.31.14

I knew Chris & Hillary’s wedding day would be beautiful. From the moment she told me about all the little details she was planning, and that their wedding day would be all about family. You can always tell a close knit family, by the way they interact and love on each other during family events.

Their wedding took place at Judson Collins camp in Onsted, Mi where Hillary spent many summers with her family.

Here’s just a few favorites from Chris & Hillary’s beautiful wedding day:
2014-07-15_00352014-07-15_00362014-07-15_00372014-07-15_00382014-07-15_00392014-07-15_00402014-07-15_00412014-07-15_00422014-07-15_00432014-07-15_0044Love these of Hillary’s grandpa driving the girls to the ceremony site.2014-07-15_0045All of the little kids handed out candy and flowers. How cute is this little lady running over to give a rose? 2014-07-15_00462014-07-15_00472014-07-15_00482014-07-15_00492014-07-15_00502014-07-15_00512014-07-15_00522014-07-15_00532014-07-15_0054Married ♥2014-07-15_00552014-07-15_0056Chris and Hillary light up around each other… it’s pretty sweet.
2014-07-15_00572014-07-15_00582014-07-15_00592014-07-15_00602014-07-15_00612014-07-15_00622014-07-15_00652014-07-15_00662014-07-15_00632014-07-15_00722014-07-15_00712014-07-15_00642014-07-15_00672014-07-15_00682014-07-15_00692014-07-15_00702014-07-15_0076A few more pictures at sunset:2014-07-15_00732014-07-15_00742014-07-15_0075Like I said it was a gorgeous day filled with love and family. It couldn’t of been any better! Thanks for choosing me to photograph your wedding day, and for making me feel like part of the family!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Croswell~5.30.14

I don’t know how I get so lucky to work with great people all the time…but Kaleigh & Ryan were no exception. They are both so sweet and just good people, and as a couple they are even stronger!

I loved photographing them, and working with them over the past year and a half. Here’s just a glimpse of their May wedding day:
2014-07-15_00012014-07-15_00022014-07-15_00032014-07-15_00042014-07-15_00052014-07-15_00062014-07-15_0007Kaleigh, you were a stunning bride!
2014-07-15_00082014-07-15_00092014-07-15_00102014-07-15_00112014-07-15_00122014-07-15_0013🙂2014-07-15_00142014-07-15_00152014-07-15_0016After the ceremony we were off to the beach to do some portraits with the bridal party:2014-07-15_00172014-07-15_00182014-07-15_00192014-07-15_00202014-07-15_00212014-07-15_00222014-07-15_00232014-07-15_0024The reception was at Laroy’s hall in LaSalle. 2014-07-15_00252014-07-15_0026A few sunset pictures. I love when couples are willing to step out for just a few shots during this gorgeous time of day…2014-07-15_00272014-07-15_00282014-07-15_00292014-07-15_00302014-07-15_00312014-07-15_00322014-07-15_00332014-07-15_0034Kaleigh & Ryan: Your wedding day was awesome! I hope you enjoy reliving it through the pictures for years to come. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. It was an honor to photograph you.

CJ & Samantha~Married!

I love my job…have I said that lately?! I know sometimes I get behind on blogging, or even editing for that matter, but I just can’t say no to photographing a beautiful family, a wedding day, a precious newborn.

Samantha and CJ  were married April 26th, 2014, and their wedding was just gorgeous. The day, every detail, their connection together…everything was perfect.

Here’s just a glimpse of their beautiful day:

2014-06-26_00022014-06-26_0003The gorgeous bride! 2014-06-26_00042014-06-26_00052014-06-26_00062014-06-26_00072014-06-26_0008Oh geez…this makes me tear up. Great job CJ!2014-06-26_00092014-06-26_00102014-06-26_00112014-06-26_00122014-06-26_00132014-06-26_00142014-06-26_00152014-06-26_00172014-06-26_00182014-06-26_00192014-06-26_00202014-06-26_00212014-06-26_00222014-06-26_0023We stepped outside just after dinner to  take advantage of the sun setting, and the beautiful grounds at Nazareth hall. 2014-06-26_00242014-06-26_00252014-06-26_00262014-06-26_00272014-06-26_00282014-06-26_00292014-06-26_00302014-06-26_00312014-06-26_0032Sam&CJ: It was such a fun evening! I’m so happy to have been the person you chose to document your wedding day! I adore you both, and am happy to call you friends 🙂

The Jones party of 3 is official!

OMG. The adorableness of this couple is never ending. Ash & Nick just delivered a perfect little girl, Harper, and I am just giddy to meet her 🙂

In my opinion I’ve done some of my best work with Nick & Ashley, from their engagement, to the wedding, maternity session, and I know Harper’s session will be no exception. I don’t know what it is, maybe that I just adore them, or that they let me try new things and never pressure me, or maybe it is just how their love radiates and it makes it too dang easy.

I’m going to backtrack after this post, and share some more current work, but I just had to share this since Harper was born early this morning, and I’m excited for this lovely family!

2014-06-25_0001Oh Ollie, I love ya, but you are no longer the baby  🙂 2014-06-25_0002Oh how I love this…2014-06-25_0003Gorgeous momma…2014-06-25_00042014-06-25_00052014-06-25_00062014-06-25_00072014-06-25_0008We then headed downtown for a couple new locations, which was only fitting. We had shot downtown for both their engagement and wedding. It’s an urban maternity session, and I’m obsessed.2014-06-25_00092014-06-25_00102014-06-25_00112014-06-25_00122014-06-25_0013Gosh Nick, I didn’t know how this would work, but you are a model through and through! Love it 🙂 2014-06-25_00142014-06-25_00152014-06-25_00162014-06-25_00172014-06-25_00182014-06-25_0019Sending love and sleep vibes your way! Congrats guys 🙂 I can’t wait to cuddle baby Harper!

Sarah & Josh ~ Columbus engagement session

Helloo Columbus! This was my first glimpse of warmer weather, and I was loving the fresh air, Columbus’ fun vibe, and the company of these two. Josh & Sarah are getting married in Michigan later this year, and I couldn’t be happier to be their photographer! They are sweet, fun, and the camera loves them!

Here’s a few favorites from our time together in C-bus:2014-04-23_00012014-04-23_00022014-04-23_0003This is so sweet…2014-04-23_00062014-04-23_00042014-04-23_00052014-04-23_00072014-04-23_0008Don’t they make a gorgeous couple?! Love these… 2014-04-23_00092014-04-23_00102014-04-23_00112014-04-23_00122014-04-23_00132014-04-23_00142014-04-23_00152014-04-23_00162014-04-23_00172014-04-23_0018


I can’t wait until your wedding day! I know it will be gorgeous, and I look forward to documenting your love once again 🙂