+What form of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, personal check, or if arranged beforehand, a credit card payment through Paypal.

+ When is the payment due?

The payment is due at the time of the shoot.

+ How many outfits should I plan, or do you allow?

Of course you can do an outfit change if you’d like. I just ask that you consider the time of your shoot, most are roughly an hour, so use your best judgement as to what your family can handle. If you have young children also consider how your child deals with changing clothes. If there is a chance that it might ruin their mood, it’s probably not worth it!

+ What should we wear?

I’m happy to make suggestions, and work with you on coordinating your outfits.  I personally like bold, bright colors as opposed to lighter colors, as they can wash out easily if your shoot is outside. I also prefer coordinating outfits instead of matching. This means using a color scheme including patterns, layering, styling instead of everyone wearing the same color, same style shirt. Need examples? I’d be happy to send you some of my favorite coordinated outfits I’ve seen, just ask!

+ We have a family shoot scheduled. Would it be ok for my sister’s family joined us?

Each circumstance is different, and I would be happy to quote you based on what you are looking for. While I understand that getting large group shots are important, I also value documenting intimate family relationships, and is important to note that the more people that are present, the less focused the shoot will be.

+ What does “on location” and “lifestyle photographer” mean?

I’m happy to help you decide on a location for your shoot. I do now offer studio sessions. The studio is a perfect option for newborn sessions, and small families. However, in order to stay within my “style” props will be minimal. I love simple photographs where you and your connection is the focus of the picture. I encourage you to consider a place or activity that is meaningful to you and your family.  Sometimes this is your home, sometimes it’s a ball field, or a park, or maybe you like a more urban feel.  There are endless options, that’s why I love to shoot on location!  On location and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. My goal is to document your family interacting, laughing, playing, and just being themselves. The goal is to have a great time, and forget that you are getting your pictures taken, let me worry about that.

+ What’s the best way to prepare for our session?

Plan ahead. I know it’s easier said than done, but we all know that feeling of running around, buying outfits, stressing out over a scratch on the face, worrying wether or not the kids will cooperate. I challenge you to plan out the things you can control: what you’ll wear, your schedule, your budget, the location, and then relax. No more fighting in the car on the way to get your photos taken! I promise I’ll do my best to help you look great and have a fun time.

+ When is the best time of day to schedule?

The best light is early in the day or an hour or two before sunset. Whenever the sun is directly above you, it can create challenges. If it is super sunny we’ll find some open shade to work in!

+ The main focus of this shoot is for my child’s 1st birthday, do I have to be in the photos?

I won’t make you be in them, but my favorite shots are of you interacting with your child/children.  I of course will get plenty shots of just your child, but I would love it if you planned on being in some of the photos.

+ What happens if it rains?

I make every effort to be available to reschedule within 2 weeks.  I ask that you try to do the same. I also request that rescheduling due to weather is a decision we make together.  If the forecast looks like rain and your shoot is 5 days away, I ask that we wait it out. I’ve had too many missed opportunities, when the weather actually ended up being beautiful! One thing to keep in mind is that cloudy skies are actually perfect for portraits… no shadows, or squinty eyes!

+ What if I need to reschedule due to illness/emergency/work?

I’m flexible! I know that things will come up. I just ask that you let me know by phone as soon as possible, and that you commit to rescheduling.

+ I really only need a few shots of my family. Can we schedule a mini session?

I only offer mini sessions when announced, on the days that they are planned. I plan on mini session when I  have a theme or upcoming holiday  I would like to plan a whole day of shooting around. Normally, I schedule at least 8 sessions for a mini-session day. Do you want to be emailed first when I will be offering a day of mini sessions? Just shoot me an email, and I’ll get you on the list.

+ Can I see every photo you take?

While I appreciate the desire to see every shot, you’ll see only the very best from the session. I sell a finished product, and look for quality instead of quantity in my work.  With that being said, I realize that your child may have faces and quirks that are special to you, and I try my best to give you a large selection to choose from.

+ I really like B+W photos, what if I want an image in B+W?

I’m happy to provide you with a b+w version of a photo. Please just ask, and I’ll get it to you quickly.  My work is a representation of me, and I prefer to not have it altered by someone else. Thank you for understanding!